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Parents Teachers Meeting
The last working day of every month is meant for parents-teachers meeting (if not otherwise informed).    All the parents must report to the school at 9.30 AM for the meeting.
Parents can meet the principal (between 9.30 am 10.30) AM with prior appointment only.     School time: As informed according to the season   School Fee

  1. Fees for every quarter (three months) will be collected from the 10th to the 25th day of the first month of that quarter. That is, April for the 1st quarter, July for the 2nd quarter, October for the 3rd quarter and January for the 4th quarter.  
  2. All cash transaction will be done at the school fee counter. Cash counter time: 9 a.m. to 12 noon       (Monday to Friday). On Saturday the time will be 9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.  
  3. Fees are to be deposited by 10th to 25th days of the first month of that quarter. In case they are not paid in time, a flat fine of Rs.20/- will be charged per month.  
  4. In case the last date of the fee collection is a holiday, the fee will be collected on the next working day.  
  5. Once a student obtains a T.C. or the School Leaving Certificate, his/her security deposits (if any) will be refunded within fifteen day (of the issuing of the T.C. or S. L. C.) However, the guardian ought to have cleared all the school dues before applying for the refund of the security amount, and should produce along with the application - the original receipt of the security deposit.  
  6. The fee card must be produced at the fee counter for getting it updated at the time of paying the fee. Fee amount will not be collected unless the card is produced.  
  7. In case the fee card is lost or damaged a new one may be issued upon payment of Rs.50/-.  
  8. All transactions are done in cash. We do not accept cheques or credit cards.
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