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Attendance And Leave Rules  

It is obligatory for every student to complete at least 75% of school attendance in order to appear in the annual examination (SA-II).   In case of some very pressing emergency or in medical cases, the parents are to apply for leave properly and in time. Leave applications will not be accepted if sent more than a week after the child rejoins.  In case of absence due to illness, an application must be submitted along with the sickness and medical fitness certificate (upon joining) issued by a recognized and qualified doctor. The school authority may ask the parents with or without prior notice to withdraw the child from the secondary & senior secondary classes of the school on any of the following grounds :

  1. Academic : Constant neglect of studies.
  2. Disciplinary : Interference with the safe functioning of the school or of those who study, work or teach in the school or damaging the school or its reputation.
  3. Attendance : Uninformed and unexplained absence of the student for more than 15 days.
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