Rajpura - Dariba, Distt. Rajsamand, Rajasthan - 313211
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Principal’s Message  

I welcome your decision of bringing your budding dreams to us, and also express my gratitude for relying on our hands to mould them into reality. You have thus qualified to become proud and active members of this great revolution in the field of education - called D.A.V. This movement, which had  begun more than a century ago, at Lahore (now in Pakistan), has today culminated into a magnificent chain of more than seven hundred institutions, spread across the length and breadth of India and even abroad. D.A.V. Institutions are a trend setter in the field of education. And even this school in Dariba, despite being comparatively a new link in the chain, with its infrastructural brilliance, the team of dedicated and dependable staff-members and above all - the judicious guidance of the great visionaries at the helm of this affairs, has proved itself to be just the right place where your children can be entrusted unto the safest hands by mixing the benefits of a rural village location with up to date technology and modern equipment available to every teacher and child in every class.
Your children may be small but their needs are enormous. Much bigger than the information contained in their school books and even larger than the walled classrooms they sit in. We in D.A.V. (with our roots deeply anchored in our Vedic heritage and our flaring branches reaching out to the latest technological advancements) allow these little adventurers deep into and also beyond their syllabi, so that we do not make out of them a bunch of bespectacled bookworms with undigested libraries in their stomach but young citizens with a strong and agile physique, impeccable manners, useful knowledge, super confidence and enlightened souls. Children, who, like the century old glorious saga of our brilliant alumni, will always make our nation proud through all their endeavors. Come let us join hands in this earnest beginning for a promising future. Help us help your dreams come true.